Come for the mission, stay for the team

With over 30 core team members in 7+ countries, we at DAPPS,
link the world’s finest people in crypto with the world’s top Defi projects.

Hey, there!

A word from our Founders

We wanted to say a few words on our mission, let’s see if that resonates with you!

We help Decentralized projects create value for their users by enabling them to recieve seamless communication from creator

We work remotely, perpetually challenge how we collaborate and we put great care and passion in what we do.

We’re looking for the brightest folks to join us:

If that resonates and you think you can bring us as much as we can bring you, we’re excited to hear from you!

Mohit Madan

Mohit Madan

CEO & Co Founder

Tarusha Mittal

Tarusha Mittal

COO & Co Founder

How We Work

We believe that with a global team comes

a whole world of creativity.

Open communication

At our weekly all-hands video calls, we share project updates and learn new skills from each other on topics ranging from online marketing to making sauerkraut.

Kindness & building relationships

Working in a distributed team can sometimes feel lonely, but not at Unifarm. The digital nomads travel the world together. The foodies share recipes for cooking. The sporty Unifarmers support each other in being active and reaching personal milestones.

Constant improvement

We encourage each other to step outside our comfort zones and recognize that mistakes are an opportunity to learn and grow. We expect team members to move between departments and roles as skill sets and business needs evolve over time.

Never stop learning

We read inspiring books together and attend conferences in order to grow and improve. We encourage everyone on the team to learn and try new things through regular “wild experiment weeks”.

Our values

How you do anything is
how you do everything.

Think actively

Question processes. Give thoughtful responses. Find the best way instead of going by how it’s always been done.

Appreciate quality

Take pride in crafting a lasting product. Work with the best equipment. Invest in great things that improve your life.

Be super helpful

Go above and beyond to solve problems. Exercise empathy. Deliver magic to customers and coworkers.

Maximize efficiency

Minimize unnecessary meetings and management. Work together with others to get the job finished.

Act with humility

Treat everyone with respect. Leave egos at the door.

Focus on product

Ask yourself how the product can be better today than it was yesterday.

Perks and Benefits

Prioritizing wellness on and off the clock

Health insurance

1-week no questions asked leave

Employee professional development

Employee Token Option Plan

Menstrual Leave Policy

Quarterly appraisal & bonus

Employee Referral Policy

Flexible working hour