Blockchain developer




Remote, Remote


Bachelor's Degree


2-4 years


  • 2+ years of strong software development background.
  • Experience in working with typescript, javascript, Node JS, and React JS.
  • Experience in dapp integration with libraries like ether.js and web3.js.
  • Experience in writing smart contracts in solidity(ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, upgradeable contracts, etc.)
  • Good to have knowledge of blockchain data indexing and building subgraphs.
  • Familiar with Defi offerings such as staking, farming, flash loans, etc.
  • Experience with building on EVM-based chains(Ethereum, Matic).
  • Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code
  • Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures
  • Familiarity with basic cryptography
  • Familiarity with P2P networks
  • Strong knowledge of bitcoin-like blockchains


  • Build and deploy architecture for complex blockchain solutions.
  • Maintain and extend current client- and server-side applications responsible for integration and business logic
  • Be involved in the global blockchain community—work on implementing and integrating the latest improvement proposals
  • Build on-chain authentication, messaging and notification protocol.
  • Dapp integrator


  • building an ERC-20 token with an in-built unlock schedule.
  • building a smart contract to accept a certain ERC-20 token and take actions based on it
  • on-chain notifications
  • farming/staking system
  • cross chain development
  • on-chain governance
  • Deploying NFTs

You take care of our business we will take care of you,

  • We make sure are you are growing professionally with quarterly goals and appraisals.
  • Health is wealth, so we provide health insurance
  • Stand on Top – Employee professional development program
  • Welcoming a new member in the family is a great please so we provide maternity and paternity leave

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